Sons of Heresy | A Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy Podcast

Sons of Heresy is a 30k Podcast dedicated to lighthearted banter about our favourite hobby. Join Jonny, Jason and Brendan as we battle our way through the podcast, straight on to Terra !
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Sons of Heresy | A Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy Podcast


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Jul 9, 2017

This show Jonny and Jason get up to a HUGE 60 thousand point game of 30k while Brendan tackles his Star Empire. Even a game of 8th edition 40k is played! Check it out on our last summer blockbuster episode! 


Intro: 0:00 - 7:30


What we have been up to: 7:30 -49:53


8th edition game:49:53 -1:21:07

Monk’s Wang: 1:21:07-1:31:57


30k of 30k: 1:31:57-2:23:38


Outro: 2:23:38-2:33:32

Jun 20, 2017

This show Jonny and Jason head to Salsbury for an epic rumble while Brendan works in the forge crafting Zone Mortalis items for season 2


00:00:00-00:02:20 Hello and welcome

00:02:20 -00:34:10 Painting a zone Mortalis board for Brendan’s birthday

00:34:10 -01:04:15 What we have been up to and our Zone Mortalis game

01:04:15 -01:19:29 Your kids Horus, something has to be done about your kids (8th ed. Talk)

01:19:29 -02:23:48 Summer Slam in Salisbury

02:23:48-end Outro and Jonny’s epic Star Trek rant

May 30, 2017

The boys are back in town! Welcome to the first of Sons of Heresy summer blockbusters, Raiders of a new London Heresy. Sit back and enjoy as the guys talk Heresy, 8th, and their hopes and dreams for summer! 

Raiders of a new London Heresy

00:00-33:03 Intro and what we have been up to

33:03-46:33 Show and Tell

46:33- 2:00 The London Heresy

May 5, 2017

Well here it is, the season finally of the Sons of Heresy. The crew looks back at the e vents and at all they have learned in this episode.

We hope you have all enjoyed our first season and we will see you all in Season 2 of the Sons of Heresy! 

00:00-35:00 Intro and Emails 

35:00-1:35 What makes a good event 

1:35-2:08 Tips for attending an event 

2:08-2:33 What we have been up to 

2:33-2:41 Itunes reviews 

2:41-3:07 A look back at Season 1 

3:07 -finish Season 2 preview

Apr 13, 2017

This episode on the sons of Heresy, the gang talks about their road trip to Southampton and the Escalation painting event that they attended. They also tackle, lists what they have been up to and quite a few beers. Brace yourself for Episode 9 of the Sons of Heresy!


00:00-11:30 Intro

11:30-37:00 Andy Ovel’s dark angels

37:00-1:17:15 What we have been up to

1:17:15-2:14:30 Building a Talons of the Emperor list

2:14:30-2:16:10 Arch Magos Aggamons Transport Emporium

2:16:10-3:18:00 Pre Southampton Escalation Rises event

3:18:00 -5:02:30 Fury Road to Southampton

5:02:30-5:17:07 Bloopers and outtakes

Mar 19, 2017

This week on Sons of Heresy the guys tackle the question of Imperium Secundus as well as a few listener lists. They are on a well deserved event break this week before heading off to Southampton for the final event of the season 1 of the Sons of Heresy.


00:00- 9:50 Intro and sci-fi talk

9:50-1737 Q and A about rules

17:37-44:38 What we have been up to

44:38-1:02:25 Raven Guard list

1:02:25-1:15:27 World Eaters list

1:15:27-1:27:00 Iron Warriors list

1:27:00-1:45:01 Imperial fists list

1:45:01-1:46:40 Try Chaos

1:46:40-2:32:30 Imperium Secundus

2:32:30-2:48:04 Bloopers and outtakes

Mar 10, 2017

In this beast of a show Jonny, Jason and Brendan head up to Durham for the Company of Legends event They find out they are in Warhammer Camp and man are they excited! Hold onto you hats because here comes the Sons of Heresy and they are about to earn their Peppermill badge.


Intro and Announcements: 00:00-24:41

Stellaris: 24:41-33:15

Drop Pod discussion part 1: 33:15-48:01

Reviews: 48:01-55:41

Drop pod discussion part 2: 55:41-1:05:25

What we have been up to: 1:05:25-1:43:11

How do the wolves play: 1:43:11-1:54:19

Company of Legends event Prerecord: 1:54:19-3:18:04

Sisters of Silence: 3:18:04-3:19:09

Company of legends event report: 3:19:09-5:11:07

Bloopers and outtakes: 5:11:07- 5:19:59

Total run time:  5:19:59

Feb 12, 2017

This week on the Sons of Heresy, the crew gets back up to Nottingham for the Horus Heresy weekender. Find out what happens and what the gang thinks of the new book 7 Inferno in this episode of the Sons of Heresy!


00:00-0:43:23 - Intro and what we have been up to

0:43:23- 2:02:00 The Horus Heresy Weekender

2:02:00 - 2:54:58 First look at Inferno and the rules

Total 2:54:58

Feb 6, 2017

This episode on the Sons of Heresy Jason, Jonny and Brendan make there way to Warhammer world for the 30k doubles tournament. Find out how they did and just how Brendan broke his toe on this thrilling episode of Sons of Heresy!


00:00-36:46 Intro and what we have been up to

36:46-1:06:19 Doubles weekend pre event talk and predictions

1:06:19-2049:49 Doubles weekend after action report  

Total run time 2:51:05

Jan 22, 2017

This episode on Sons of Heresy the gang tackles Dark Angels, White scars and even the Militia and cults list. Stay tuned and hold onto something solid because the show is about to start!

Intro: 00:00-05:15

Dark Angels list: 05:15-35:20

Listener questions: 35:20-46:20

What we have been up to: 46:20-1:32:10

Hobby goals for: 2017 1:32:10-1:57:31

Strategos Segment: White Scars: 1:57:31-2:35:15

Cults and Militia list: 2:35:15-3:52:50

Goodbyes and stuff 3:52:50-4:04:18

Total: 4:04:18