Sons of Heresy | A Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy Podcast

Sons of Heresy is a 30k Podcast dedicated to lighthearted banter about our favourite hobby. Join Jonny, Jason and Brendan as we battle our way through the podcast, straight on to Terra !
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Sons of Heresy | A Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy Podcast


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Mar 19, 2017

This week on Sons of Heresy the guys tackle the question of Imperium Secundus as well as a few listener lists. They are on a well deserved event break this week before heading off to Southampton for the final event of the season 1 of the Sons of Heresy.


00:00- 9:50 Intro and sci-fi talk

9:50-1737 Q and A about rules

17:37-44:38 What we have been up to

44:38-1:02:25 Raven Guard list

1:02:25-1:15:27 World Eaters list

1:15:27-1:27:00 Iron Warriors list

1:27:00-1:45:01 Imperial fists list

1:45:01-1:46:40 Try Chaos

1:46:40-2:32:30 Imperium Secundus

2:32:30-2:48:04 Bloopers and outtakes

Mar 10, 2017

In this beast of a show Jonny, Jason and Brendan head up to Durham for the Company of Legends event They find out they are in Warhammer Camp and man are they excited! Hold onto you hats because here comes the Sons of Heresy and they are about to earn their Peppermill badge.


Intro and Announcements: 00:00-24:41

Stellaris: 24:41-33:15

Drop Pod discussion part 1: 33:15-48:01

Reviews: 48:01-55:41

Drop pod discussion part 2: 55:41-1:05:25

What we have been up to: 1:05:25-1:43:11

How do the wolves play: 1:43:11-1:54:19

Company of Legends event Prerecord: 1:54:19-3:18:04

Sisters of Silence: 3:18:04-3:19:09

Company of legends event report: 3:19:09-5:11:07

Bloopers and outtakes: 5:11:07- 5:19:59

Total run time:  5:19:59